Monday, November 5, 2007

I HATE Plumbing....

So here we are at month number two of residence, and we still do not have a functional bathroom sink. It started out like this -

I found a marble counter with a under mount sink on sale for $225 and was thrilled - its exactly what I wanted for the house, and I bought it even before we closed... I searched for an 8" spread faucet that was less than $250 and found one for $95.
Fast Forward to two weeks before we moved in an I had a sink, a counter, a faucet but no cabinet.
I had planned on building one to match the living rooms built ins, but as "luck" would have it, we found a vanity cabinet at Lowes for $65 on clearance. Its cherry wood, has drawers and is very classy. Sounds good, right? Sink, Counter, Faucet, and Cabinet. The only problem is that I was wrong about the length of the counter - its 26" and the vanity is 31".
OK, I suck it up and figure, will just build the cabinet and sell the the one I bought. So weeks go by, we move in sans a bathroom sink and rough it and make a trip to Home Depot and buy birch plywood, poplar 1X6 for trim, and crown moulding to match the built-ins. Total cost: $80.00, since this will be the permanent sink cabinet and I want to do it right. I spend an evening in the basement building an attractive, strong cabinet for my beautiful marble top and sink. I shelep it up the stairs, and set it in place - the door to the bathroom will not close - its too big. I go to the trash pile and measure the old sink, and find its only 19" deep. After some regretful behavior, of which a poor tape measure got broken and a wall got kicked ( wrenching my back in the process). We went over to Home Depot, I plunked down another $90 on a sink and cabinet combo and $35 on a faucet ( the "nice" one I bought didn't fit on the cheap sink). I installed the blasted thing and after fighting with the drain we had a working sink..that drained a little slow.
I blissfully ignored that fact, since the house has new plumbing, right?
So buy day three the sink was stopped, so I get some draino $4, and a plumbers snake $12, and clear it out, and it works decently, but still drains a little slow, which I still ignore. I works for about a week until it stopped up again, another bottle of draino, $4 a longer snake, $15, and no luck. the snake stops dead and comes up covered in rust. Turns out the main stack is not replaced, and it in its rusting glory in the basement. So tonight, we head down to disassemble the joint between the new ABS an the cast iron to see if we can clean it out. Steve looks down at the main stack and sees a huge crack down the side of the pipe and seepage..... So back to Home Depot and another $105 for new ABS to replace the entire stack to the ground and all the branches to the tub and commode, which will be a blast, So now, I have spent over $700 an still don't have a sink yet...
The good news is that the living room is now completely painted! I used to love beamed ceilings, until I had to paint one. I dinning room has an even bigger one, so the fun continues....