Monday, June 22, 2009

Done with the yard... NOT!

The saga of the front yard continues with seemingly little progress. I have another four feet of sprinkler pipe run, four more wheelbarrow loads of dirt removed and four boxwoods planted (a find at Walmart on sale for $2.99) but it is getting there by inches... its like the painting project all over again, just in dirt.. ugghhh!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The lazy days of summer - renovation style

Well, here we are in June and I have STILL not finished the front yard yet, although I am down to the little patch on the left side of the front porch formerly occupied by a half dead walnut tree, scraggly arborvitae, and a flag pole made out of a two inch steel pipe stuck in concrete... All that stuff is long gone and now replaced by a pile of dirt and and PVC pipe lined trench. I am really ready for the front yard to be done so I can start work on the back (and get the plants I have had sitting in pots for the last year in the ground. The hydrangeas are looking very sad) I am also wanting to get the exterior lighting setup so we have nice mood lighting at night...
The jacking project is about done and now all that is left is to dig out and pour the cement footings for the new columns, but I have lost my steam on that project and will go back to it after the yard is done. I also have to think about dealing with the drainage issues on the south side. I am going to dig a trench and put some of those landscape pipes with the drain holes and run a line out the back wall down the hill into the yard. I am hoping that will collect the water and dry out the basement somewhat. NOT a fun project. Till then, I can plant my boxwood's and enjoy the yard...