Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring at last!!

With the weather warming up I have been working on the yard, and have made some nice progress, I dug up the parkway in front of the house, removed 55 tons of rocks, added manure, peat moss and compost, put down some grass seed and after about a month and a half, I now have little lawn.... I have been using the weed

whacker to trim it, but it looks uneven, so I am scouring craigslist for an electric or push mower. I have also gotten in the first set of low voltage lights along the side

and should have the front done soon. Nature has lent a hand and the roses, delphiniums and cosmos are going nuts, what a difference even from last year!

The box woods are staring to fill in and the yard is starting to look mature - what a motivator to get rest finished...unfortunatly, the "rest" is the 45' parkway along the side of the house that will need the same traetment as the front - remove the rocks, add the manure, peatmoss and compost...ugh!!! I am going to do sections at a time

so its not so overwhelming... Also on the Agenda for this spring is to chip the paint off the cement caps of the porch posts, and repaint the porch floor and brick pillars. The porch floor and pillars are going to be replaced but I want to keep the cement caps when the porch gets rebuilt. Paint removal off cement...this should be entertaining....