Monday, May 18, 2009


Well the jacking is moving right along now... I figure about another week and the house will be level!!! Unfortunately, not all of the doorways are squared up - the front bedroom has a half inch gap, and the back bedroom is about an inch and a half difference between the top and bottom. I am probably going to have to pop off the trim and reset the frames. decades of being out of wack have taken there toll. It reminds me of a family get together. In the interim, all the street trees are in and seem to be taking They are all showing new growth so that is a good sign. I have finally tackled one of the big items on the to do list in the yard- the three hideous tree stumps in

front of the house - a pick ax, a shovel and a chainsaw and a lot of swearing and voila! no stumps. The additional challenge was the three sets of waterlines running in close proximity - since we are the corner house, we have the entire blocks water meters in the parkway. Fun Fun! Now I can finish the sprinklers and plant grass. I would prefer ground cover (no mowing) but I can't come up with anything that would take foot traffic since this is a very urban neighborhood and people need to get in and out of their cars parked on the street. The roses have just gone nuts over the past few days and so there are masses of roses along the side and front of the house.
They are more established this year and have really started to fill in. Little by little its getting there. If I could only find the %#$^%$ leak in the fountain I can get that running again. After I set it up, the water level would drop in a few hours. I sealed up where I thought the leak was coming from but it still leaks. I have to find some boat sealer or something like that and just coat the whole inside. Oh well, more projects!