Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Closet and musical sofas

Happy New Year to all!
New Years day was spent undecorating the house, and since I was on the roof, I decided to trim the trees that were overhanging the roof, and cleaning off the debris from the roof shingles. I am sure glad I did - the roof was wet under all of the yuck and it would be a matter of time before we would have a leak. I ended up with a huge pile of branches ( it didn't seem like much when I was cutting it) and most of the walnut tree that is growing from underneath the porch. I hope it get rid of it little by little until I get the whole thing down . Its sad I have to get rid of it, but its undermining the porch and has to go.
Inside, I am building shelves for the front closet and painting 500 miles of pine boards.. what fun! Once I get that done, we can put all the junk in the front bedroom IN the closet and we can start using it as a TV/Computer room. After being here a few months, We decided that the front room should be more formal and we will move the Television and overstuffed sofa out and put the vintage carved one we have in the front bedroom in the front room. It is better scaled for the space and wil go better with the rest of the antiques we have in there. Its going to be a busy new year!!