Sunday, July 11, 2010

Im not cheap, I am just recycling...

So, we have a get together planned for next weekend and want to use our Barbeque. Unfortunately, the backyard looks like a war zone and rock quarry rolled into one huge mess. so over that past couple of weekends we have been working on a patio made out of the cement slab from our tumbledown garage foundation that is ready to fall over - back in the days of yore, someone decided that it was a good ides to build a garage with a basement - put a wood floor over it and then a thick layer of cement over the wood - moisture + wood + 100 years = nightmare. Since we really need to tear down the thing, I thought why not reuse the cement broken into flagstone like sections and lay it out - at the same time, using the piles of dirt to level out the area at the base of the back steps. So we have been busy moving dirt and cement, and cutting up and throwing away the piles of tree limbs and other assorted piles of junk in 1/4 of the backyard nearest the house - Its actually looking half bad and there is a glimmer of hope -

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